Sereva Cooling Units: Innovative Solutions for Undercounter Fridges

Sereva stands at the forefront of refrigeration solutions with its cooling units designed specifically for undercounter furniture. These comprehensive systems, comprising an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor, are designed to provide an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-install solution for commercial and catering needs. The Alice and J&I models from Sereva stand out for their innovation and adaptability, delivering exceptional performance tailored to each customer’s needs.

Monoblock ALICE

Monoblock ALICE

Monoblock J&I

Monoblock J&I

Alice and J&I Models: Efficiency and Versatility

The Sereva cooling units, the Alice and J&I models, are the perfect choice for those seeking efficiency and practicality in refrigeration solutions for undercounter furniture. Designed to fit a wide range of commercial applications, these systems offer effective and reliable cooling. The compact design and advanced technology of both models ensure seamless integration and optimal performance in any space.

Plug&Play System: Simplified Installation and Maintenance

One of the main advantages of Sereva cooling units is their plug&play system, which revolutionizes the installation and maintenance of commercial refrigeration systems. This feature allows for a quick and uncomplicated installation in the furniture, eliminating the need for refrigeration specialists for placement. Thus, Sereva not only makes it easier to get its systems up and running but also ensures that maintenance and component replacement are simple and accessible tasks. This ease of use, combined with the high quality and efficiency of the cooling units, makes the Alice and J&I models ideal solutions for any establishment looking to optimize its space and improve its customer service.

To learn more about our innovative cooling units and how they can benefit your business, we invite you to download our catalog and inquire about prices.

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