Evaporators and Condensers Designed for Vending Machine Refrigeration

In the vending industry, the efficiency and reliability of refrigeration systems are fundamental to ensure the quality and freshness of products. Aware of this need, Sereva specializes in the design and manufacturing of evaporators adapted to vending machine refrigeration. For each manufacturer of a vending machine or bottle cooler cabinet, a solution.

Evaporators for Vending and Dispensing Machines

At Sereva, we design and manufacture coils and condensers for compact Cooling Units that help maximize refrigeration efficiency in vending machines, ensuring a constant and appropriate temperature for a wide range of refrigerated products. We manufacture custom heat exchanger coils, with tube diameters of up to 3/8, adapting to the specific needs of each client. The variety of geometries and fin spacings we offer allows us to find the ideal solution for each vending machine manufacturer. In addition, all our solutions can be adapted for use with CO2 or R290 gas. This flexibility ensures perfect integration with different designs and sizes of machines, providing optimal performance and a long lifespan.

Sereva’s “Plug&Play” Cooling Unit for Vending Machines

At Sereva, we offer a compact Cooling Unit that is very easy to install and start up, without the need for refrigeration installation and therefore without the need for technical personnel to carry out replacements or repairs. We have two models for volumes of up to 500 liters

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

We stand out for offering solutions with compact forced draft evaporators, suitable for any model of vending machine. This technology allows for an efficient distribution of cold, occupying minimal space and ensuring optimal energy performance. In summary, we are your ideal partner in the search for vending machine refrigeration solutions, offering personalized, efficient, and sustainable products for the sector of vending machines and bottle cooler cabinets. Contact us to find together the solution that best suits your needs.


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