Evaporators for Food Industry Refrigeration: Innovation and Quality at the Service of the Food Industry

At Sereva, we have been manufacturing evaporators for food industry refrigeration since 1980, and this experience has enabled us to develop heat exchangers for most uses in food manufacturing and preservation. We guarantee reliable operation, preservation of the cold chain, and maintenance of controlled temperatures. Our wide range includes static and forced draft evaporators for conservation chambers, evaporators for blast chillers, solutions for food drying, and coils for fermentation chambers.

Forced Draft Evaporators for Food Conservation Chambers

Ceiling Evaporators

At Sereva, we offer compact ceiling evaporator models for use in small chambers, offering refrigeration power from 200 to 4,000 W. All models can be customized with different housing materials, adapted to R744 gas with pressure certification, special anti-corrosion paint for the HVAC industry, or adaptation to negative temperatures.

Cubic Evaporators for Refrigeration Chambers

Our cubic models ECC-300, ECC-350, and EIT inclined, offer performances from 1,500 to 17,000 W of power and can be adapted to the installation needs regarding the external material of the coating, adaptation to the use with CO2 gas, corrosion protection with special KL10K paint for humid and saline environments.

Evaporators for Blast Chillers

At Sereva, we manufacture large forced draft heat exchangers for cooling tunnels and blast chillers. Equipped with three AC fans of up to 21,000 m3/h flow, stainless steel structure, with versions available for CO2, R290 glycol, and other refrigerants, they offer performances of up to 64 kW of refrigeration power. As an option, they can also be manufactured with EC fans.

Evaporators for Food Dryers

At Sereva, we have developed evaporators for small-scale food drying. From our EIT, SB, and DB models, we have created a second version with a double coil for cold and heat or finned resistance to achieve the goal of drying foods with an economic and reliable investment.

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