Custom Solutions in Evaporators for Commercial Refrigerators by SEREVA

Static Evaporators for Display Cases and Refrigerated Showcases

Custom Design and Flexible Service for Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers

At Sereva, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of evaporators for commercial refrigerators, we specialize in custom solutions, adapting to the specific needs of our clients. We have several tube diameters up to 5/8 and seven different geometries, offering great versatility to meet the requirements of all manufacturers of refrigerated displays, showcases, islands, wall units, etc. We provide a flexible production service for coils to adapt to any manufacturer’s size.

Evaporators for CO2 and R290 Gas

For those clients concerned about environmental impact and energy efficiency, our evaporators are manufactured to be used with R744 (CO2) gas, with high-pressure certification, and are also suitable for R290. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainable solutions and our ability to adapt to current trends in refrigeration.

Corrosion Protection with Advanced Technology

Anti-Corrosion Protection in Evaporators for Commercial Refrigerators

A very important aspect in food preservation is resistance to corrosion, especially in saline environments like fish displays. At Sereva, we protect the coils with the special heat exchanger paint KL10K from Aquaaero, which offers maximum protection against extremely saline and humid environments, without reducing heat transfer capacity, and at a lower cost than cataphoresis.

High-Quality Materials: Copper Tubes and Aluminum Fins

We manufacture our evaporators using top-quality copper tubes and aluminum fins, ensuring optimal thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. In addition, we offer multiple geometries in combination with various tube diameters, up to 5/8 in diameter, to provide custom solutions that fit any need.


Choose the parameters and create your custom evaporator.