Evaporators for Catering Refrigeration: Versatility in Horeca Sector Furniture Refrigeration

SEREVA, with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing heat exchangers, is a benchmark in the refrigeration sector for catering. Its focus on customized solutions and its commitment to the environment stand out in its offering of evaporators for catering refrigeration: static, forced draft, and condensers.

Versatility and Adaptability of SEREVA Evaporators

Customization in the Design of Forced Draft Evaporators

The evaporators for catering refrigeration from SEREVA are characterized by their versatility, offering a wide range of forced draft evaporators. These are designed to adapt to various applications in catering, such as under-counter furniture, cold rooms, and refrigerated chests. Customization is key, allowing SEREVA to adapt its products to the specifications of each client, with options in materials, fans, turbines, corrosion protection, and adaptation to negative temperatures.

Adaptability for Different Catering Environments

SEREVA also adapts to different catering environments, such as restaurants, hotels, or bars, offering the possibility to develop new designs for refrigerated furniture from certain quantities.

SEREVA Evaporators for CO2 and R290 Gas

Commitment to the Environment and CO2 Technology

In response to the need for sustainable refrigeration solutions, SEREVA has developed evaporators for use with CO2 and R290 refrigerant gas. This technology reflects the company’s commitment to reducing ecological impact, offering efficient and safe refrigeration systems for the catering sector. All CO2 evaporators come with a high-pressure certificate.

Benefits and Features of CO2 Evaporators

The CO2 evaporators from SEREVA stand out for their energy efficiency and smaller carbon footprint, being ideal for catering businesses looking for eco-friendly options without compromising performance.

The SEREVA Compact Cooling Unit

Efficiency and Power in a Compact Design

The Cooling Unit from SEREVA represents an all-in-one refrigeration solution, combining efficiency and power in a compact design, ideal for under-counter use. Its main advantage is the ease of installation and maintenance, not requiring advanced technical knowledge for its handling.


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