ECC-350 Series


ModelPower ΔT7Nº 220 V fans fansFans power (AC)Air flowAir speedSurfaceCapacityCoil heaterTray heater(L) Length(H) Height(D) DepthDrainpipe connectionInlet connectionOutlet connection
ECC350-1V3698 W1350 mm165 W2000 m3/h2,78 m/s19 m23 dm31680 W330 W769 mm431 mm538 mm1/2 ”1/2 ”3/4 ”
ECC350-2V8685 W2350 mm330 W4000 m3/h2,78 m/s38 m26 dm33250 W650 W1269 mm431 mm538 mm1/2 ”1/2 ”3/4 ”
ECC350-3V13171 W3350 mm495 W6000 m3/h2,78 m/s57 m29 dm35000 W1000 W1769 mm431 mm538 mm1/2 ”1/2 ”3/4 ”
ECC350-4V17135 W4350 mm660 W8000 m3/h2,78 m/s76 m212 dm36750 W1350 W2269 mm431 mm538 mm1/2 ”1/2 ”3/4 ”


  • Protected aluminium case.


  • Anti-corrosive treatment.
  • Tray heater.
  • Coated aluminium case.
  • Drainpipe 3/4″.
  • 115V fan.
  • EC fan.

Data calculated with the following parameters:

  • Refrigerant: R448A.
  • Evaporating temperature: -8 ºC.
  • Enclosure temperature: 0 ºC.
  • For calculations with other specifications CONTACT US.


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