DBS Series

Cooling battery + heating battery


ModelPower (-8ºC *) ΔT12Nº fans 220 V fansFans power (AC)Fans amperageFans flowFans air speedSurfaceCapacityCoil heater(L) Length(H) Height(D) DepthDrainpipe connectionInlet connectionOutlet connectionDrying or curing capacity
Drying or curing capacity
Drying or curing capacity
Cold cut 80 mm
Drying or curing capacity
Cold cut 40 mm
DBS-P1960 W1200 mm29 W0,16 A314 m3/h2,1 m/s2,66 m20,6 m3200 W550 mm350 mm125 mm3/8”3/8”3/8”240 kg192 kg133 kg88 kg
DBS-P21315 W1200 mm29 W0,16 A419 m3/h2,1 m/s3,54 m20,8 m3400 W550 mm430 mm125 mm3/8”3/8”3/8”273 kg263 kg182 kg120 kg
DBS-P31487 W1250 mm36 W0,19 A519 m3/h2,6 m/s3,54 m20,8 m3400 W590 mm430 mm125 mm3/8”3/8”3/8”328 kg297 kg206 kg136 kg
DBS-P42004 W1250 mm36 W0,19 A689 m3/h2,6 m/s5,65 m21,2 m3400 W600 mm450 mm145 mm3/8”3/8”3/8”494 kg401 kg278 kg184 kg


  • (*) Evaporating temperature.
  • Protected aluminium case.
  • Anti-corrosive treatment.
  • It can be used with glycol water.


  • Stainless steel case.
  • 115V fan.
  • Defrost heater.

Data calculated with:

  • Coolant R404A.
  • Chamber temperature = 4 ºC.
  • Evaporating temperature = -8 ºC.


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