GB Series

Rated tube diameterTube spacingRow spacingTube configurationTube materialFin materialFin typeMain applications
9,52 mm (3/8″)35,0 mm31,5 mmIn-lineCopperAluminiumFlatBottle coolers


tubesFin spacingNo. rowsNo. columns(LA)
Finned length
Total length
(A x B)
Fin dimmensions
SurfaceInternal volume
GB-8GB-8-0,80-3/887 W128 W3/8 “10 mm24700 mm800 mm35 x 126 mm0.77 m20,42 dm3
GB-8GB-8-0,90-3/8104 W157 W3/8 “10 mm24800 mm900 mm35 x 126 mm0.89 m20.47 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,00-3/8116 W174 W3/8 “10 mm24900 mm1000 mm35 x 126 mm0.98 m20.55 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,10-3/8128 W191 W3/8 “10 mm241000 mm1100 mm35 x 126 mm1.09 m20.57 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,20-3/8139 W209 W3/8 “10 mm241100 mm1200 mm35 x 126 mm1.20 m20.20 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,30-3/8151 W226 W3/8 “10 mm241200 mm1300 mm35 x 126 mm1.30 m20.67 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,50-3/8174 W261 W3/8 “10 mm241400 mm1500 mm35 x 126 mm1.52 m20.77 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,60-3/8191 W290 W3/8 “10 mm241500 mm1600 mm35 x 126 mm1.63 m20.82 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,70-3/8203 W302 W3/8 “10 mm241600 mm1700 mm35 x 126 mm1.73 m20.87 dm3
GB-8GB-8-1,80-3/8215 W325 W3/8 “10 mm241700 mm1800 mm35 x 126 mm1.84 m20.93 dm3
GB-8GB-8-2,00-3/8238 W360 W3/8 “10 mm241900 mm2000 mm35 x 126 mm2.05 m21.03 dm3
GB-8GB-8-2,10-3/8249 W371 W3/8 “10 mm242000 mm2100 mm35 x 126 mm2.16 m21.08 dm3
GB-8GB-8-2,30-3/8278 W418 W3/8 “10 mm242220 mm2300 mm35 x 126 mm2.38 m21.18 dm3
GB-8GB-8-2,70-3/8325 W487 W3/8 “10 mm242600 mm2700 mm35 x 126 mm2.80 m21.38 dm3
GB-12GB-12-0,85-3/8197 W296 W3/8 “10 mm34725 mm850 mm70 x 126 mm1.69 m20.66 dm3
GB-12GB-12-1,10-3/8255 W383 W3/8 “10 mm34975 mm1100 mm70 x 126 mm2.18 m20.86 dm3
GB-12GB-12-1,20-3/8278 W418 W3/8 “10 mm341075 mm1200 mm70 x 126 mm2.40 m20.93 dm3
GB-12GB-12-1,30-3/8302 W452 W3/8 “10 mm341175 mm1300 mm70 x 126 mm2.61 m21.00 dm3
GB-12GB-12-1,60-3/8377 W568 W3/8 “10 mm341475 mm1600 mm70 x 126 mm3.25 m21.23 dm3
GB-12GB-12-1,70-3/8406 W609 W3/8 “10 mm341575 mm1700 mm70 x 126 mm3.47 m21.31 dm3
GB-12GB-12-2,00-3/8476 W713 W3/8 “10 mm341875 mm2000 mm70 x 126 mm4.10 m21.58 dm3
GB-12GB-12-2,10-3/8499 W748 W3/8 “10 mm341975 mm2100 mm70 x 126 mm4.32 m21.61 dm3
GB-12GB-12-2,20-3/8528 W789 W3/8 “10 mm342075 mm2200 mm70 x 126 mm4.54 m21.69 dm3


  • Housing for ice cubes with aluminium lower plate.
  • 3/8” connections.


  • Left or right connections.

Data calculated with the following parameters:

  • Refrigerant: R404A.
  • Evaporating temperature: -5ºC.
  • For calculations with other specifications CONTACT US.


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