Simple condensers


ModeloTubesPower ΔT15Nº fans fansFans power (AC)Fans power (EC)Air flowSurfaceCapacity(L) Length(H) Height(D) Depth
CA-168 x 2600 W1200 mm29 W6 W410 m3/h1,10 m20,29 dm3270 mm230 mm87 mm
CA-248 x 3820 W1200 mm29 W6 W360 m3/h1,60 m20,43 dm3270 mm230 mm112 mm
CA-328 x 41000 W1200 mm29 W6 W345 m3/h2,15 m20,57 dm3270 mm230 mm132 mm
CA-189 x 2810 W1250 mm36 W22 W550 m3/h1,35 m20,35 dm3300 mm278 mm85 mm
CA-279 x 31000 W1250 mm36 W22 W500 m3/h2,00 m20,50 dm3300 mm278 mm130 mm
CA-369 x 41350 W1250 mm36 W22 W460 m3/h2,70 m20,70 dm3300 mm278 mm150 mm
CA-459 x 51600 W1250 mm36 W22 W400 m3/h3,37 m20,87 dm3300 mm278 mm152 mm
CA-549 x 61920 W1250 mm36 W22 W480 m3/h4,00 m21,00 dm3300 mm278 mm172 mm
CA-3010 x 31200 W1250 mm36 W22 W500 m3/h2,25 m20,60 dm3300 mm278 mm130 mm
CA-4010 x 41420 W1250 mm36 W22 W470 m3/h3,00 m20,80 dm3300 mm278 mm150 mm
CA-5010 x 51016 W1250 mm36 W22 W470 m3/h3,78 m20,98 dm3300 mm278 mm152 mm
CA-4411 x 41510 W1250 mm36 W22 W485 m3/h3,30 m20,86 dm3300 mm292 mm132 mm
CA-5511 x 51890 W1250 mm36 W22 W606 m3/h4,12 m21,07 dm3300 mm292 mm152 mm
CA-4812 x 42820 W1300 mm62 W22 W1030 m3/h4,25 m21,10 dm3350 mm330 mm128 mm
CA-6012 x 53309 W1300 mm62 W22 W1000 m3/h5,36 m21,39 dm3350 mm330 mm152 mm
CA-5614 x 43000 W1300 mm62 W22 W1075 m3/h5,36 m21,35 dm3375 mm365 mm156 mm
CA-7014 x 53537 W1300 mm62 W22 W1000 m3/h6,63 m21,72 dm3375 mm365 mm156 mm


  • Tair = +30 ºC.
  • HR = 75 %.
  • Tcond = +45 ºC.


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