Flat condensers


ModeloTubesPower ΔT15Nº fans fansFans power (EC)Air flowSurfaceCapacity(L) Length(H) Height(D) Depth
CP-5215 x 2157 W1120 mm5 W110 W0,33 m3/h0,09 m2190,00 dm3125 mm87 mm
CP-5225 x 2319 W2120 mm12 W220 W0,66 m3/h0,17 m2310,00 dm3125 mm87 mm
CP-5235 x 2470 W3120 mm21 W335 W0,99 m3/h0,25 m2430,00 dm3125 mm87 mm
CP-102210 x 2314 W2120 mm16 W218 W0,65 m3/h0,17 m2190,00 dm3250 mm87 mm
CP-102410 x 2637 W4120 mm36 W444 W1,33 m3/h0,34 m2310,00 dm3250 mm87 mm
CP-102610 x 2951 W6120 mm60 W670 W1,98 m3/h0,51 m2430,00 dm3250 mm87 mm
CP-152315 x 2470 W3120 mm33 W326 W0,98 m3/h0,26 m2190,00 dm3375 mm87 mm
CP-152615 x 2956 W6120 mm72 W670 W1,99 m3/h0,52 m2310,00 dm3375 mm87 mm
CP-152915 x 21427 W9120 mm117 W1004 W2,96 m3/h0,77 m2430,00 dm3375 mm87 mm
CP-5415 x 4232 W1120 mm14 W77 W0,65 m3/h0,17 m2190,00 dm3125 mm130 mm
CP-5425 x 4472 W2120 mm30 W156 W1,33 m3/h0,34 m2310,00 dm3125 mm130 mm
CP-5435 x 4951 W3120 mm48 W234 W1,98 m3/h0,51 m2430,00 dm3125 mm130 mm
CP-104210 x 4464 W2120 mm34 W152 W1,3 m3/h0,34 m2190,00 dm3250 mm130 mm
CP-104410 x 4943 W4120 mm72 W311 W2,65 m3/h0,68 m2310,00 dm3250 mm130 mm
CP-104610 x 41408 W6120 mm114 W469 W3,96 m3/h1,03 m2430,00 dm3250 mm130 mm
CP-154315 x 4696 W3120 mm60 W228 W1,96 m3/h0,51 m2190,00 dm3375 mm130 mm
CP-154615 x 41415 W6120 mm126 W467 W3,98 m3/h1,03 m2310,00 dm3375 mm130 mm
CP-154915 x 42112 W9120 mm198 W703 W5,94 m3/h1,54 m2430,00 dm3375 mm130 mm


  • Tair = +30 ºC.
  • HR = 75 %.
  • Tcond = +45 ºC.


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