Forced draft condenser: a key component in refrigeration

Refrigeration is an essential process in many industrial and domestic environments, and the proper functioning of its components is crucial for efficient operation. One such component is the condenser, particularly the “forced draft air-cooled condenser.” What is the condensation of refrigerant? Condensation is a phase in the refrigeration cycle where

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How evaporator coils are designed

What size evaporator coil do I need? Check-list to design an evaporator coil The function of an evaporator is to carry out heat exchange between refrigerant fluids. The evaporator or heat exchanger coil is where the transfer of energy from a medium, for example, the air in a cold room,

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Blast chiller or blast freezers

A blast chiller or bust freezer is a chamber for foodstuffs in which the cooking or storage temperature is lowered to freezing temperatures in a very short time, allowing the foodstuffs to retain their organoleptic properties in an optimal way and ensuring food quality. Unlike other refrigeration units, the blast

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CO2 refrigerant gas for direct expansion heat exchange

Specifications and characteristics of evaporators and heat exchanger coils for use with R744 refrigerant gas. CO2 gas is considered an environmentally friendly gas as a refrigerant because it is present in the atmosphere, it is accessible, and the process of preparation as a refrigerant gas is non-polluting and involves the

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Anticorrosive paint for evaporators and heat exchangers

Corrosion protection for coils and static evaporators In general, all components of a refrigeration system that is used in or for a potentially corrosive environment must be adequately protected from the time of manufacture. In the case of commercial refrigeration, we are talking about supermarket refrigerated cabinets and counters, under-counter

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Ice on the evaporator coil. Why and how it is produced.

Evaporator coil frosting is a consequence of the condensation of humid air inside the fridge, cooler or cold room due to the expulsion of cold air through the evaporator. This condensation of water on the evaporator surface occurs when the refrigerated display reaches the dew temperature. If the evaporator surface

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A2L refrigerant gas charge limits

The charge limits of A2L refrigerant gases are divided into three different sections; depending on the section in which the charge of the refrigerant installation is located, legal specifications are determined that must be met to avoid the risk of flammability. They are summarized in the following table: Case 1.

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Excellent results in counter monoblock test

These days we are testing the monoblock counter unit in extreme climatic conditions, simulating working temperatures of 40ºC. The results obtained are splendid, both in terms of cooling capacity and electricity consumption.

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Breast Cancer Day

Throughout this week the façade of Sereva will be illuminated in pink to commemorate the International Breast Cancer Day. One in eight women in the world will have breast cancer in her lifetime, this being the most common type of cancer among women, and it is the duty of all

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