SEREVA: Custom Design and Manufacturing of Coils and Evaporators

Welcome to SEREVA, where over 40 years of experience meets innovation to lead the market in coils and evaporators. Since our foundation in 1980, we have grown to become a benchmark in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, adapting to the needs of various sectors such as commercial refrigeration, Horeca, the food industry, vending machines, wine coolers, and installation professionals.

History and Trajectory of SEREVA

Evolution and Growth

Our family business, with deep roots in tradition and quality, has continuously evolved, keeping us at the forefront in the manufacturing of coils and evaporators.

Investments and Sustainability

In our facilities in Castellserà (Spain), we have tirelessly invested in resources, means, and ideas to drive continuous improvement.

Our Commitment: Quality and Sustainability

A Dynamic and Personalized Service

At SEREVA, commitment to people, territory, honesty, and passion in work are the pillars of our service.

Respect for the Environment

Our sustainable approach and respect for the environment are fundamental in every step we take.

Mission and Vision: Leading Change in Refrigeration

Custom Design of Heat Exchangers

Our mission is to design and manufacture high-efficiency heat exchangers for various sectors, including food and pharmaceuticals.

Long-term Goals and Expansion

Our vision is to become the European benchmark in refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, promoting engineering, innovation, and digitalization.

Fundamental Values: The Foundation of Our Success

Customer Focus

At SEREVA, we value our customers as our main reason for being.

Commitment to Innovation and Talent

We support sustainable industrialization, innovation, continuous training, and talent development.

Quality Policy: Commitment to Our Customers

Continuous Improvement Strategies

Our quality policy and strategic direction focus on adapting our management system to market needs.

Promoting a Positive Work Environment

We encourage teamwork and a good work environment, providing the necessary resources to achieve our goals.

In conclusion, SEREVA is more than a company; it is a family dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable refrigeration solutions. Our history, mission, vision, values, and quality policy reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the world of coils and evaporators. With SEREVA, every customer is an opportunity to demonstrate our skill, passion, and dedication to a cooler and greener future.


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